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Gary Becker of the University of Chicago was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics Oct. 13 for research that extended economic theory to areas of human behavior not previously associated with market forces.... Americans Edward Knipling and Raymond Bushland won the 1992 World Food Prize Oct. 13 for their idea of fighting insects with sterilization instead of chemical sprays.... Most major American airlines plan to boost ticket prices by $10 to $30 starting Oct. 15.... Following a show-stealing performance in the Oct. 11 debate, Ross Perot has climbed in new polls released Oct. 13, from less than 10 percent to 12 percent in a CBS News survey and 14 percent in an ABC News poll.... Two men were shot and killed Oct. 12 by Venezuelan security forces after their speeding truck plowed into a crowd, injuring at least 11 people, as it raced toward a ceremony attended by President Carlos Andres Perez. Mr. Perez was not injured. EUROPE

Germany said Oct. 13 it had invited members of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, a US Jewish group, to examine efforts to crack down on neo-Nazi violence.... Czechs and Slovaks are divided about economic prospects when Czechoslovakia splits into two independent states, an Institute for Public Opinion pollster said Oct. 13. Most Czechs are optimistic but Slovaks do not hope for much from the division.... Britain's militant union leaders Oct. 13 threatened to strike against the planned closure of

more than half the country's coal mines, with job losses of up to 30,000 expected.... Kurdish separatists killed three Turkish soldiers in an attack on a military vehicle in southeastern Turkey Oct. 13.

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