Nigeria's economy

Regarding the Economy page article "Nigeria's Economy Backslides," Aug. 5: The Monitor's x-ray of Nigeria's economy is most timely, just as some popular newspapers and magazines here are doing. It is no gain saying that Nigeria's economy is in shambles. After seven years in power, Nigeria's military regime is to step down, but it leaves a legacy of unsolved economic problems including "high inflation, high interest rates, and high unemployment." Corruption is not left out as well as the neglect of educat ion and health care.

These were the president's justifications then for taking over: Deterioration in the general standard of living of the ordinary Nigerian has reached incalculable heights. Prices of goods and equipment have risen, scarcity of commodities has increased, hospitals still remain mere consulting clinics while educational institutions are on the brink of total decay. Unemployment has stretched to critical dimensions. Nwogwugwu Samson, Utura, Nigeria

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