The roof on the famous Capitol Tower here was turned into a giant tribute to the Fab Four yesterday, as Capitol Records kicked off its celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Beatles. The display came complete with three-story-high photographic standups of each of the four Beatles.

Fans feasted on a cake decorated as a reproduction of the original "Love Me Do" single picture sleeve. "Love Me Do" was the first single released by the Beatles 30 years ago. A video was also taped as an anniversary greeting to the three former Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison, and fans were encouraged to sign an 8-foot-tall anniversary card.

The record company also launched a commemorative re-release of "Love Me Do," on compact disc.

"Love Me Do" was first recorded on Sept. 4, 1962, and featured Ringo Starr on drums. On Sept. 11, 1962, "Love Me Do" was recorded again with Andy White on drums and Ringo on tambourine. (The second version was included on the "Please Please Me" album and was issued as a single and replaced the earlier version on later pressings of the British single.)

The CD will contain both versions of the song as well as the single's original B-side "P.S. I Love You."

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