Black Voters Look For Change in '92

IN a June 1992 poll by Home Box Office and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a public-policy research group in Washington D.C. that focuses on minority issues, 750 black voters were asked about various topics. Among the results: National politics

88 percent are dissatisfied with the nation's direction.

* 77 percent disapprove of President Bush's performance.

* 65 percent support term limits.

* 61 percent percent back Clarence Thomas's Supreme Court nomination. The 1992 election

* Mr. Bush received a favorable/unfavorable rating of 28/60 percent. Dan Quayle was given a favorable/unfavorable rating of 25/56 percent.

* Bill Clinton received a favorable/unfavorable rating of 57/21 percent. (Sen. Albert Gore Jr. was not yet named as Clinton's running mate).

* Perot was favored only 35/26. 39 percent had no opinion of him. Health insurance

* 91 percent support guaranteed health-insurance coverage. Education

* Only a third were aware of education-voucher programs; of that number, 88 percent backed "school choice."

* 75 percent support "back to basics."

* 80 percent support Afrocentric education.

* 63 percent support special schools for young black men. Abortion and welfare

* 17 percent oppose abortion under all circumstances; 47 percent support abortion with some restrictions; 33 percent support abortion in all circumstances.

* 57 percent agree that "single mothers on welfare who had additional children should not receive additional benefits"; 36 percent disagree. Crime and gun control

* 70 percent support a ban on the sale of assault-type weapons and semi-automatic rifles.

* 48 percent back the death penalty; 42 percent oppose it. The Los Angeles riots

* 9 percent say they were justified.

* 36 percent condemned the rioters.

* 50 percent were ambivalent.

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