Serb gunners shelled three Sarajevo suburbs yesterday, a day after the United Nations Security Council in New York voted to recommend that Yugoslavia's voting rights in the General Assembly be suspended. The action was taken to punish Yugoslavia for its role in the civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and must be ratified by the Assembly.

Bosnia's Muslim, Croat, and Serb leaders signed an accord in Geneva Saturday to restart regular relief flights. The first aid flight in more than two weeks landed in Sarajevo yesterday. The airlift is considered vital to protect thousands of people from the bitter Balkan winter. The flights were suspended Sept. 3 when an Italian relief plane was shot down, killing all four crew members.

Serb forces, apparently ignoring the accord, shelled the western strategic suburb Stup and surroundings overnight.

Bosnian loyalist forces and Serb fighters were battling for more territory to strengthen their bargaining positions at the Geneva peace talks.

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