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Trade Representative Carla Hills signed an accord with Japan that is expected to boost exports of US farm products, particularly corn. A US agriculture official predicted an estimated $75 million to $95 million in extra sales.... In Mississippi, a county judge has tossed out state health rules that prohibited clinics from performing abortions beyond 16 weeks of pregnancy.... Thirty-four percent of the respondents in a Newsweek poll released Saturday said they would like to see Ross Perot back in the pres idential race, and 23 percent say they would vote for him. The poll also indicated that Americans blame President Bush rather than Bill Clinton for failing so far to arrange debates - by more than a 4-to-1 margin.... CARE, the world's largest private relief organization, announced Saturday it is relocating from New York to Atlanta to save $10 million over the next decade.... Sen. Daniel Inouye and Rep. Patsy Mink were renominated Saturday in Hawaii Democratic primaries. State Sen. Rick Reed won the Republic an nomination to oppose Inouye. Hawaii's other House member, Democrat Neil Abercrombie, was unopposed. AFRICA AND ASIA

Somalia's main warlord Saturday called on the US to withdraw 2,100 Marines now off the Somali coast, saying they would not contribute to peace in his country. Gen. Mohamed Farah Aideed also ruled out the deployment of an additional 3,000 armed United Nations troops in Somalia.... Tropical Storm Ted lashed the Philippines yesterday with strong winds and rain, raising fears of new landslides near the Mount Pinatubo volcano. The storm center was expected to miss land areas and move toward Taiwan.

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