Anita Hill Is Factor in Washington; Synar Wins Runoff in Oklahoma

FIRST-TERM Washington state Sen. Patty Murray (D), who says she entered the US Senate race in reaction to the Senate's treatment of Anita Hill's sexual harassment complaint against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, defeated former US Rep. Don Bonker in the Democratic primary.

Ms. Murray faces US Rep. Rod Chandler (R) in November to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Brock Adams (D), who is retiring.

In the race for governor, former US Rep. Mike Lowry easily defeated state House Speaker Joe King in the Democratic primary, while US Rep. Sid Morrison and state Attorney General Ken Eikenberry were battling for first place in a three-way GOP primary.

This is the first time in the state's history that both the governor's mansion and a Senate seat are up for grabs in the same year without an incumbent candidate.

In Minnesota, US Rep. Gerry Sikorski, who wrote nearly 700 bad checks at the now-defunct House bank, barely won a tough Democratic primary battle Tuesday. Fellow Democratic Reps. Martin Sabo and Collin Peterson were easy winners in other districts.

Meanwhile, former pro football star Alan Page easily won a spot on the November ballot in non-partisan primary balloting for the state Supreme Court.

Mr. Sikorski, a five-term House member and onetime abortion foe who now supports abortion rights, defeated Hennepin County Commissioner Tad Jude.

In the court race, Mr. Page, former Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman, defeated two other candidates in a three-way race for two spots on the November ballot.

If elected in the fall, Page would be the first black member of the state Supreme Court.

In Oklahoma, US Rep. Mike Synar, who beat back a Democratic runoff challenge from a member of one of Oklahoma's most prominent political families, said he was saved by a surge of 11th-hour campaign contributions.

Representative Synar defeated former Muskogee County District Attorney Drew Edmondson. Synar will face GOP cattleman and farmer Jerry Hill in the November election.

In Oklahoma's other congressional runoff race, Republican state Rep. Ernest Istook defeated former US Attorney Bill Price. He will face Democrat Laurie Williams in November.

In the Aug. 25 primary, Mr. Price and Mr. Istook both finished ahead of Rep. Mickey Edwards, who was tarnished by the House banking scandal.

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