There are a number of good cookbooks for kids. Check your library for them. If Christopher's mom isn't there, someone else will help you. All of these cookbooks have a variety of recipes, from breakfast and snacks to desserts and holiday foods. They list not only ingredients but also what utensils (pots, bowls, spoons, whatever) you'll need to prepare each dish. The instructions are clearly explained, which is a plus for beginning cooks.

Vicky Lansky's Kids Cooking, Scholastic Inc., 1987.

My First Cookbook, by Rena Coyle, Workman Publishing, 1985.

Kids Cooking, A Very Slightly Messy Manual, Klutz Press, 1987.

Uncle Gene's Breadbook for Kids!, by Eugene Bove, Happibook Press, 1986. (You may have trouble finding this one, but its worth the hunt, because "Uncle Gene" teaches how to make real bread from scratch without using electric mixers or machines.) `Kidspace" is a place on the Home Froum pages where kids can find stories that will tickle imaginations, entertain with a tall tale, explain how things work, or describe a real-life event. These articles appear twice a month, always on a Tuesday.

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