`Family Values' and America's Have-Nots

The Opinion page column "How Bush Could Make Use of `The Family Thing', " Aug. 20, misses the point. The focal point of the story is: "If a troubled and alienated American electorate seems to think that America has lost its economic direction, I detect a large body of opinion that believes it has also lost some of its moral bearings."

The disenfranchised of America have been increasing for many years. It appears, more than not, that their numbers are growing in concentrated areas of the nation's inner cities, with their high unemployment and single-parent families. This brought forth the gang mentality as a source of support and rebellion.

"Family values." Is there, in the minds of those forgotten, a family or values? I think not. The cruel, clear truth is that an uncaring society of the "haves" in their selfishness, together with their government leaders, created the vulgar, filthy cries from their lips, and we are offended. Indeed all of us should be deeply offended with our society for allowing such despair to grow to unbelievable limits through our apathetic inaction. Wayne A. Lawson, Bellevue, Wash.

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