Bush, Clinton, and the Health-Plan Comparison

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which writes tax legislation, I was dismayed by untruths told by President George Bush in his speech in Houston. Mr. Bush said: "On Jan. 28, I put before Congress a plan to create jobs. If it had passed back then 500,000 more Americans would be at work right now."

The truth is that the Congress put on the president's desk in March a bill containing most of what the president asked for on Jan. 28. He vetoed it because the bill did one thing he didn't ask for - it raised taxes on wealthy Americans earning over $140,000 per household.

Similarly, Bush criticized Gov. Bill Clinton for proposing a tax increase. Bush said of Mr. Clinton that he wants to tax the rich but defines the rich as anyone with a job. The truth is that Clinton has clearly defined whose taxes he proposes to raise - wealthy Americans earning over $200,000 per household. Rep. Don J. Pease, Washington (D) of Ohio

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