Lawyers are rubbing shoulders with farmers, and high-school dropouts with college grads, as 2,210 delegates to the Republican National Convention crowd into the Astrodome. There's even a poet in the group.

The Associated Press interviewed more than 2,000 of the delegates and found them to be a mixed sampling of the American people.

The youngest delegate is 18; the oldest, 89. Among that collection are:

- 268 lawyers.

- 19 women lawyers.

- 68 realtors.

- 38 farmers and ranchers.

- 121 business people (of which 33 are women).

- 156 homemakers (no male homemakers).

- One poet.

- Two mothers, as listed by occupation.

- 83 blacks.

- 73 Hispanics.

- 24 Asians.

- Three American Indians.

- 1,832 whites.

- 51 union members.

- 904 women.

- 250 seniors.

- 598 "baby boomers."

- 37 members of the "MTV Generation."

- 1,282 college grads.

- Six high school dropouts.

The most common last name on the convention floor is Smith. The most common first name for men is John; for women, Barbara.

Six delegates are named Bush, but none of those Bushes is named George.

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