About 20,000 Bosnians are expected to flood into Croatia in cars, buses, and trucks this week in the biggest single refugee influx since Yugoslav fighting erupted, the United Nations said Aug. 11.

Peter Kessler, a UN spokesman said that Serbian authorities in Bosnia handed the UN a list on Aug. 10, signed "voluntarily" by more than 5,000 families, expressing "a desire" to uproot, hand over their property to Serbs, and move north to Croatia.

"It is one of the largest formal ethnic cleansings that has happened," Mr. Kessler said.

Croatia is balking at taking in more of the hungry and homeless. The new refugees, mostly Muslims, are due to arrive in the northwestern Croatian town of Karlovac.

Adalbert Rebic, the official in charge of refugee operations, said it cost $2.5 million a day to support existing refugees and Croats who had fled their homes. "If this continues, it will be a disaster for Croatia's financial situation," he said.

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