Hillary Clinton's Appeal to the Electorate

Regarding the front-page article "Clinton's Choice of Gore for V.P. Challenges GOP," July 10: I very much question the appropriateness of the word "derided" in your description of Hillary Clinton as "a liberal, career-oriented lawyer who has derided the notion of staying home and baking cookies ...."

In an interview reported in Wellesley Magazine (Spring 1992), Mrs. Clinton states: "Actually, I was a sound-bite victim. I went on to say - which was left out - `You know the work I've done as a professional, as a public advocate, has been aimed to assure that women can make the choices they want to make, whether it's full-time career, full-time motherhood, or some combination.' "

I would not expect the Monitor to succumb to a sound bite. Barbara C. Hearon, Portland, Ore.

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