Croatian President Franjo Tudjman posted a clear victory in the first general elections since the republic won independence from Serb-led Yugoslavia, according to preliminary results yesterday.

With about 75 percent of the vote counted, Mr. Tudjman led in the eight-man race for president. His governing Croatian Democratic Union held 41 percent in parliamentary elections. Tudjman, a former Communist general, campaigned for reelection on claims that he had fulfilled the country's dreams of independence.

Tudjman's closest rival, Drazen Budisa of the Croatian Social Liberal Party, captured 22 percent of the vote for president. His party was running second in parliamentary voting. Tudjman was chosen president by the parliament after his party swept 205 of 356 seats in the last elections in spring 1990.

Voting was not conducted in about one-third of Croatia's territory now held by Serbs or under the protection of the United Nations.

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