Watching Children Dance

"How can we know the dancer from the dance?" I ask, quoting Yeats. And you say as we admire the children's exuberance, "Do you have problems with lancer and his lance? And what about the player and his play? Can you tell the glancer from his glance? And what about the panter and his pants, doer with deed, weigher and his weigh? Watch the children swaying in exuberance. Their laughter blends music and jubilance; you see the difference between laugh and sway. Why not in the dancer and the dance? Their teachers instructing them to advance and retreat as if rehearsing a ballet do not confuse the stander and the stance, poet and poems, romancer and romance. They see the line between sun and ray." But those who truly dance with exuberance feel no difference in dancer and dance.

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