As of yesterday, companies with 25 or more employees may not discriminate against individuals qualified for jobs who are disabled. Employers are prohibited by the Americans With Disabilities Act (1990) from discriminating with regard to:

* Job application procedures.

* Hiring or firing.

* Promotions and advancement.

* Compensation and raises.

* Job training.

* Any other term, condition, or privilege of employment.

After July 26, 1994, the requirements will also apply to companies with 15 to 24 employees. Public Accommodations

Beginning Jan. 26 this year, most facilities and businesses open to the public had to make efforts to remove barriers to the disabled, including structural changes to buildings and the provision of services.

No lawsuits charging noncompliance could be filed until yesterday against businesses with annual revenues of less than $1 million.

New commercial or public buildings completed after Jan. 26, 1993 must be completely accessible to disabled persons. Transportation

Public bus, rail, and subway systems had to comply with initial ADA requirements by Jan. 26 of this year. Existing rail stations must be made accessible by July 26, 1993. By July 26, 1995, at least one car per train must be accessible. Privately operated bus and van companies have to purchase accessible vehicles by July 26, 1996 (1997 for small firms). Telecommunications

By July 26, 1993, telephone companies must provide relay services for hearing- and voice-impaired customers.

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