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UNIVERSAL SOLDIER Talk about weird science. American soldiers killed in Vietnam are revived and sent to fight criminals under high-tech government control, but two of them crack under pressure and fight each other instead. There's a glimmer of social commentary in Roland Emmerich's film, suggesting that the Vietnam war remains a wound in need of healing. The glimmer gets lost amid the violence, however; and it's no treat to see Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren together for the first time, if you nev er even wanted to see them separately. (Rated R) ONE FALSE MOVE Two murderous men and a somewhat less dangerous woman flee a horrible crime, pursued by two hard-nosed Los Angeles cops and an unsophisticated Arizona officer who was once romantically involved with the female killer. This neo-noir thriller was directed by newcomer Carl Franklin, who deserves high marks for style and wit. The story is punctuated by violence that's as pointless as it is nasty, though, showing an unfortunate immaturity in the filmmakers. (Rated R) AFFENGEIL - German filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim celebrates his long friendship with Lotte Huber, an entertainer who's near her 80th birthday, in this highly personal documentary. It's an amiable movie, but if the star doesn't happen to be your friend as well as the director's, you might feel you've wandered into a party you weren't invited to. (Not rated)

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