Dissolve a package of Cherry Jell-O in a pint of boiling water. When cold, whip to consistency of whipped cream, then add a cup of whipped cream, a half-dozen macaroons (crushed), and a handful of chopped nuts. Set in a cold place to harden. Garnish with cherries and serve with whipped cream.


Make enough Lemon Jell-O to fill a melon mold and place on ice to harden [this was written before refrigerators]. When cool, scoop out the center and put back on ice. Make enough Strawberry Jell-O to fill the center, and when half set, pour into the mold. Place seeded raisins [seedless raisins were not available at this time] through the center and set away to harden. A better effect can be obtained by using a watermelon rind for the mold.

[The Jell-O can be sliced and placed on a white plate to display the color.]


Dissolve a package of Lemon Jell-O in a scant pint of boiling water and two tablespoonfuls vinegar. Add one pimento, one half green pepper cut fine, and half a cup grated horseradish. As it begins to thicken, mold in sweet green peppers, and when set, cut in slices. Serve with meat or fish.

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