Morals in schools

Regarding the editorial "Choice in Schools," June 30: I am a public school teacher, principal, supervisor, superintendent and professor of education. When I received my college education in the late '40s and '50s, one of the books on the list to be read by all education students was "Teaching Moral and Spiritual Values in Schools." At that time I was a firm supporter of public schools and opposed to religious and private schools. I saw public schools as contributing strength to our melting-pot society, a cculturating the learners by bringing them together into stronger common values, not merely teaching "3 R's."

However, since moral and spiritual values, which are basic to good education, have been largely eliminated in public schools, I have changed my position and support religious and private education. The choice should be made to give public support to religious and private schools. They are an essential and stable part of the educational system of our country. Herbert Humbert, Buckingham Pk., Calif.

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