A United Nations official said yesterday that three French planes had been hit by small-arms fire during the past week as they brought aid to Sarajevo. France postponed sending nine helicopters pledged to the UN in Sarajevo.

Western nations stepped up pressure on the Serbs by agreeing to send eight warships to the Adriatic Sea to monitor compliance with the UN trade embargo on Yugoslavia.

Sarajevo was quiet yesterday after blasts of mortar and anti-aircraft fire echoed overnight around suburbs and the city center.

Both sides had agreed to a brief cease-fire Sunday so the UN could truck food to Dobrinja, which has been under siege for 71 days.

Food is getting through to 80 percent of Sarajevo residents, says Peter Kessler for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

The Yugoslav news agency Tanjug confirmed reports that recent Serb gains would give the Serbs control of a swath of land that links Serb regions in northwestern Bosnia and parts of neighboring Croatia to Serbia.

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