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Iraqi leaders rejected the latest UN terms for the resumption of limited oil exports, the energy newsletter Middle East Economic Survey said yesterday. Iraq's principal objection to the proposals was the UN's insistence that the exports be channeled through Turkey. Iraq would then have to pay transit fees to Turkey and come to some form of agreement with Kurds in the north of Iraq, since a stretch of the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline is under Kurdish control. ECONOMY AND BUSINESS

Japan's monthly trade surplus with the world jumped 24 percent in June. This is the 18th consecutive month the surplus is bigger than it was at the same period one year ago.... Japan's Toyota confirmed today it is planning to buy auto parts from the US's Chrysler as part of its efforts to boost foreign purchases.... EC officials yesterday criticized Tokyo's move to challenge EC anti-dumping duties on Japanese audio tapes. They were imposed last year because the EC said Japan was using profits from high p rices on its domestic market to subsidize cut-rate exports. LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN

The Colombian Justice Ministry Sunday announced a 90-day extension on an emergency decree issued Friday that stops accused drug traffickers and terrorists from leaving jails because their court appearances are delayed. It is aimed at closing a loophole in the new penal code that went into effect July 1. In six days nearly 700 prisoners requested liberty after criminal defense lawyers argued that the code allowed prisoners to be released after 120 days in jail if they have not been indicted or called to t rial.

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