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BLAST 'EM - That's the attitude of paparazzi toward the celebrities they stalk and shoot with their merciless, ever-present cameras. This rough-and-ready documentary focuses on a young New York photographer who's been around long enough to learn the sneaky tricks of his trade, but still has to hustle constantly to beat the competition; joining him on a late-night shoot or an all-day stakeout is an eye-opening experience. Joseph Blasioli directed. (Not rated) BOOMERANG - Eddie Murphy works like mad for a more sophisticated image, and so does Reginald Hudlin, who directed this African-American romantic comedy about an executive bouncing between two women who're far more savvy and self-sufficient than he is. The pace is a little too languid, and the vulgarity a little too frequent, for the movie to work as intended. Robin Givens and Halle Berry give sparkling performances, though, and it's fun watching Murphy struggle to keep up. (Rated R) WISECRACKS - A guided tour of female stand-up comedy, much of which has a strong feminist streak. Participants include old-timers and bright new faces; jokes range from vulgar to clever to downright inspired. Directed by Gail Singer, and produced in association with the all-woman Studio D of the National Film Board of Canada. (Not rated)

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