`There are no bad boys. There is only bad environment, bad training, bad example, bad thinking.'

- Father Edward Flannagan, founder of Boys Town.

Many recognize the name Boys Town from the 1938 movie starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney. Also familiar is the slogan of Boys Town: "He ain't heavy, Father... he's m'brother.'

The mission of Boys Town has not changed since Irish-born Father Edward Flanagan founded the village in Omaha, Neb.: "to heal America's troubled youth." Boys Town started including girls in 1979.

The nonsectarian, nonprofit organization serves thousands of youths nationwide through residential homes and shelters, a national research hospital, an inner-city high school, family-based programs, and a National Training Center (which trains people from other youth-care organizations).

Boys Town offers a toll-free hotline for kids or parents who need help with problems: (800) 448-3000.

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