Polish Prime Minister Threatens to Resign

PRIME Minister Waldemar Pawlak, the Peasant Party leader picked less than a month ago to head the Polish government, said yesterday he may resign due to lack of political support.

In a speech to parliament, Prime Minister Pawlak outlined a government program but said he would not submit Cabinet nominees because he had failed to agree with other political parties.

Pawlak's program called for continued fiscal austerity, integration with the European Community, a rescue program for agriculture, and renewed talks with the International Monetary Fund.

"If no support arrives after this presentation of this program, I will resign," he said.

So far, Pawlak has been supported only by his own party and by President Lech Walesa. Other prospective partners - mainly the pro-reform bloc headed by former Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki - bowed out when they could not agree on personnel or economic strategy.

If Pawlak resigns, his would be the shortest term of the four prime ministers since Communists gave up power in Poland in 1989.

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