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President Bush June 22 signed a $1 billion emergency urban aid package. It replenishes federal disaster loan funds and provides $500 million to put up to 414,000 teenagers to work this summer....

The Supreme Court June 22:

* Upheld a Louisiana killer's death sentence, further restricting federal court access for all state-prison death-row inmates whose initial round of federal appeals fail.

* Rejected an FBI appeal aimed at killing a history professor's effort to see secret FBI files on the late rock star John Lennon.

* Agreed to decide whether lower federal courts improperly extended the deadline for more than 300,000 illegal aliens seeking amnesty to remain in the United States. (High court's hate-crime ruling, p. 9)

In New York, Mafia boss John Gotti, convicted of racketeering and murder, was sentenced June 23 to life in prison. Co-defendant Frank Locascio was also sentenced to life. Both were fined $250,000. ECONOMY AND BUSINESS

American, Delta, United, and USAir airlines June 22 agreed to pay a combined $44 million and issue travelers $368.5 million in discount coupons to settle allegations of price-fixing.... Sears, Roebuck and Co. June 22 said it is ending commissions and sales goals in its auto shops - practices blamed for unnecessary repairs that have resulted in fraud charges in three states. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC

In a blow to workers' rights, Japan's Supreme Court June 22 ruled that companies could limit the length and timing of an employee's vacation.

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