Accounting for US Arms Sales Abroad

The US, freedom, and rights

Regarding the Opinion page column "The United States' Stand for Freedom," June 4: The author's claim that America will be best remembered for "its defense of freedom and human rights" would be a sweet sentiment if it didn't whitewash a hard reality. The fact is, our government has played a direct role in obliterating freedom and human rights around the world. Our military might has been used repeatedly to overthrow or destabilize legitimate governments, while simultaneously propping up abusive regimes. W ithin our own borders, government policy has destroyed every aspect of American Indian life.

Meanwhile, our level of humanitarian assistance is far below that of other industrialized nations.

We cannot afford to idly dream of the glory days of World War II and the Marshall Plan, as the author would like. Phyllis Woodbury, Lorane, Ore.

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