DEWAN ISLAM, originally from Bangladesh, came here five years ago from West Germany with his wife and two children. Mr. Islam drives a taxicab and works in a delicatessen. He and his family live in Brooklyn, and they will apply for citizenship in September:

"I had a dream of coming to the United States because I knew as a student that a lot of people go to US, to take the opportunity. I really had a nice dream, and I came in here. I see that it is very good for me. But if you want to survive in the city, you can do anything. I really love this country. Sometime I feel bad - Why don't I go back to my country? But I feel good here, and if I go back I have to start from the beginning. I'm 30 years old. If I do hard work I can make my life good. I try to do som ething, try to make a restaurant myself. I'm driving a cab.

"I have a dream. I want to do a business myself, if I have opportunity. But I have a family. I love to get a college degree - but who knows? God will help me. I'm praying every day, five times."

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