Perot and MacArthur

In reading the Opinion page column "The Voters Will Reject Ross Perot," June 5, I am disappointed to see that while the author very clearly perceives Mr. Perot's shortcomings as a presidential candidate, he is not nearly so perceptive with regard to the electorate of 1992.

The author draws the analogy with Douglas MacArthur's abortive 1952 presidential bid. Yes, there are many similarities between MacArthur and Perot, but are there as many similarities between the electorates of 1952 and 1992? Perhaps not. The electorate of 1992 is not as homogeneous or contemplative as was the electorate of 1952. Today there is an increased - and not necessarily inappropriate - bias for action.

Voters may, unfortunately, identify more with Perot's abruptly authoritarian style. They may choose not to see the incompatibility of such a style with the presidency or the consequences of Perot's impatient bias for action.

This is not an indictment of the electorate of 1992. It is simply a recognition that times have changed and with them the American voting populace. I'm disappointed that the author fails to address those changes in his otherwise well reasoned comments. John F. Wellsman, Landing, N.J.

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