Monitor Channel successes

The recent article "WQTV for Sale; Church Sets June 1 Cutoff for Bids on Cable Channel," May 18, seriously understated the success of the Monitor Channel's startup efforts. Without exception, every major cable operator has welcomed the high quality of the Monitor Channel's programming and the standards of journalistic excellence it represents. In fact, all of the nation's largest cable corporations have launched the Monitor Channel in at least one of their cable systems.

Also, the Monitor Channel's audience levels were as high as or higher than other comparable cable channels, including CNBC, BET, VH-1, American Movie Classics, and the Nashville Network, to name just a few.

In its first year, the Monitor Channel was successful among its customers, the cable operators and cable subscribers, and had begun to develop a roster of significant advertisers. Barbara Sanden, Greenwich, Conn. Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, The Monitor Channel

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