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About 200 people protesting a Ku Klux Klan rally at a city park in Janesville, Wis., clashed with police Saturday. Some 30 Klansmen and their supporters had planned to burn a 20-foot cross after dark, but canceled their plans, in part because of concern about the demon-stration, a Klan official said.... The State Department Saturday lifted a warning against US travel to Thailand, but urged caution even though the government there has lifted its state of emergency.... Union negotiators failed to reach agr eement on a new contract with American Telephone and Telegraph Co., but agreed to continue talks rather than strike immediately. AFRICA

In Klerksdorp, South Africa, right-wing extremist Eugene Terre Blanche said Saturday his paramilitary group would step up collab-oration with like-minded foreigners to prevent a black takeover in South Africa.... Armed police have encirled Phola Park, a squatter camp southeast of Johannesburg, with razor wire and are checking residents as they enter or leave. Police have accused the ANC of using the camp as a training base.... In Nigeria, Sudan's Muslim-dominated government and southern rebels say they h ave made tentative headway on ending one of Africa's longest-running civil wars. CANADA

Canada's nine English-speaking provinces Saturday failed to agree on a constitutional reform package designed to defuse a separatist threat from French-speaking Quebec. But federal and provincial negotiators said they would meet again in Ottawa on June 9-10 in an attempt to preserve Canada's 125-year-old confederation.

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