The Peace Corps in Russia

In the article "Volunteers to Break New Ground," May 13, the author discusses in depth the type of assistance future Peace Corps volunteers will offer Russia and the struggling ex-Soviet states - all aimed at helping the locals to understand our capitalist system.

As a volunteer in Nepal from 1987 to 1989, I learned that the Peace Corps in fact has three stated goals: 1) to offer skilled labor, 2) to share our American culture with the peoples of other countries, and 3) upon our return to the States, to share our experiences of living in a foreign culture with our fellow citizens.

American arrogance in assuming that we have all the right answers can be a dangerous and ultimately alienating perspective. Peace Corps volunteers are diplomats as well as teachers, engineers, and bankers - and we can learn a great deal from the people and cultures we travel so far to help. Scott Durbee, Vashon, Wash.

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