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Regarding the Opinion page article "The Business of the President Is Not Business," May 7: Ross Perot has not talked about micromanaging the government but rather has talked about national themes which he will continue to fill in with specifics. It is the lack of "micro" that has gotten him into trouble.

A great deal can be said for the author's suggestion of voting a straight party ticket. A Democratic Congress and a Republican presidency for the last 12 years have led to stagnation and frustration.

But I think that Mr. Perot can lead the Democratic Congress because he holds social views that are in line with the majority of Congress and the American people and his economic views hold pieces that can appeal to each party.

What most people look for in a presidency is a sense of honesty, integrity, vision, and the will and ability to win. I think Perot meets all of those criteria. Boyd B. Lewis, Washington

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