Life and Politics in South Africa and Malawi

Contrary to the article "Opposition Takes Root in Malawi," April 16, there is no opposition to the Malawi Congress Party or to the government in Malawi. However, there may be a few individuals who have failed to achieve their own personal ambitions and, in turn, they blame others for their failures.

With regard to the multiparty democracy, it is important to remember that conditions differ from one country to another. Whereas political developments in one country may have been the result of dissatisfaction among the people, the same should not be expected in a country where people have enough to eat, good clothing, live in comfortable houses, and, above all, enjoy unprecedented law and order. People who have all that they need in their lives have no cause to look for an alternative system of governm ent.

It is for this reason that the people of Malawi confirmed, through their leaders and representatives at the Malawi Congress Party Convention and to Parliament last year, that the one-party democracy has served them well.

Also, nothing could be further from the truth than for anyone who has been to Malawi to suggest that the popularity of His Excellency the Life President Ngwazi Hastings Kamuzu Banda has slipped. The truth of the matter is that Kamuzu is very much a loved leader of the people of Malawi. His people are always keen not only to see him but also to hear him speak to them. Robert B. Mbaya, Washington Malawi Ambassador to the US

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