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One hundred forty-three nations agreed on a landmark treaty on Saturday to fight rising world temperatures by limiting the greenhouse gases believed to cause them. ASIA AND AFRICA

Beijing launched an attack Sunday on American critics of human rights abuses in China, branding the US hypocritical for pursuing "human rights diplomacy" abroad while failing to protect citizens' rights at home.... In Bangkok, leaders of antigovernment protests Sunday vowed to continue demonstrations until Prime Minister Gen. Suchinda Kraprayoon agrees to resign, despite a compromise agreement to make the constitution more democratic (Story, Page 1).... The Philippines holds elections today that could fi rmly root democracy or produce a drift back to authoritarian rule.... Indonesia's three political parties Sunday opened a 25-day campaign for June's parliamentary elections under strict government guidelines forbidding criticism of the current administration.... Opposition groups in Malawi, accusing the government of brutality in riots that killed at least 38 people, called on Western nations Sunday to suspend aid to this small central African country. UNITED STATES

A US District Court judge in Manhattan ruled Friday that the federal government must change its policies regarding eligibility for Social Security in a landmark case that will force the inclusion of some 20,000 disabled former recipients in New York.... Military spending is a net loser for three-quarters of the 25 largest American cities, according to a study released Saturday by Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn, president of the US Conference of Mayors.

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