Concern for the People of Peru

I take exception to the view expressed in the Opinion page article "Fujimori's Failure in Peru," April 23.

I have great concern for the people of Peru and their elected president, who is courageously fighting the entrenched corrupt bureaucracy and the "Shining Path" insurgency at the same time. We should realize that the entrenched Peruvian oligarchy would like nothing better than to get the United States on their side against President Alberto Fujimori - as seen in the machine-gunning of the US plane off the coast of Peru. The oligarchy must have thought that would raise US hackles and help them oust the one

leader in Peru who is desperately attempting to rescue his country from the corrupt bureaucracy and the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path).

The best policy for the US is not to wring our hands as the author does concerning Peruvian democracy, but to keep hands off Peru and keep the promised aid flowing to President Fujimori and the people of Peru. Richard P. Voss, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.

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