Fujimori as a democrat

According to the editorial "Fujimori's Wrong Turn in Peru," April 9, President Alberto Fujimori became "the latest political leader to succumb to the siren song of authoritarianism."

Mr. Fujimori's self-coup is not ambitious as the article portrayed his authoritarian rule to be. Fujimori has, rather, made an attack on illegitimate government - a Peruvian government whose Congress and judiciary are consumed with corruption. Fujimori executed a coup to obliterate these faulty institutions of law and order. Peru's present authoritarian government could be called more democratic than before the coup. Fujimori has the backing of Peruvians.

Neither Washington nor the Organization of American States should interfere with Peru unless Fujimori gives his consent. The key to democratic law and order in Peru is Fujimori. Paola Aliaga, Davis, Calif.

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