Tobacco in Taiwan

I heartily agree with the views expressed in the Opinion page article "End Government Support of US Tobacco Abroad," April 13. Having lived in Taiwan for three years, I would like to add the following.

First, there seems to be a correlation between the increased import and promotion of foreign tobacco products and tobacco addiction among adolescents in Taiwan. According to a recent Taiwan newspaper article, the smoking rate among 15- to 18-year-olds increased from less than 20 percent in 1985 (before the liberalization of foreign tobacco imports), to 33 percent in 1991.

Second, out of a concern for marine wildlife, the US is putting great pressure on Taiwan to prevent the use of drift nets by its fisherman. Yet the US opposes, just as strongly, Taiwan's enactment of laws controlling products found to cause death in humans. Just what kind of message are we sending? Jennifer O'Neal, Falls Church, Va. Italy's support for Albania

The Opinion page article "A Pivotal Time in Albania," April 15, gives a general overview of the difficult economic conditions prevailing in that country and underlines that the international community, and the West in particular, should undertake a major effort to help Albania. We could not agree more. A major effort has already been made by Italy - the leading contributor to Albania.

Since March 1991, Italy has appropriated a total of $320 million in aid most of which has already been disbursed and which includes emergency foodstuff and medical supplies as well as financial aid and support for the operative resumption of the country's crucial economic sectors. Italy has also sent a military contingent of approximately 900 men to distribute the aid provided.

We agree that international commitment toward Albania should be larger, but Italy's contribution is significant and deserving of mention. Carlo Trezza, Washington, Press Counselor, Embassy of Italy The Euro Disney effect

The editorial, "Le Mickey! Le Donald! Le Goofy!," April 15, surprised me because of its critical tone. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have enchanted French children in cartoon form for more than half a century. Does this mean that all of France must turn cartwheels over an amusement park, even a mammoth one such as Euro Disney? Genevieve Bogert, Elsah, Ill.

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