Other Uses for Plastic

Regarding the Opinion page article "Plastics - the Environmental Solution, Not the Problem," March 30: Used plastic's chief disadvantage, that it will not biodegrade easily or quickly, is being turned into a chief advantage by several companies who are making plastic lumber out of it.

While plastic lumber is more expensive than wood, it offers several advantages: It will not rot, be eaten by termites, become waterlogged, splinter, or ever need painting or water-sealing treatment. It also lasts much longer than wood in every application. And because it can be made in any color and given a wood-like grain, it even looks like wood.

Many companies are finding that they can arrange to give scrap plastic to the recycler, who in turn makes plastic lumber out of it and sells it back in a variety of forms. This process also eliminates landfill costs. Arthur T. Morey, St. Louis, President, Environmental Recycling, Inc.

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