The US Should Look to Canada for a Workable Health-Care System

Regarding the article "President Bush's Health Plan Reinforces the Status Quo," March 23: I take issue with the proposed delegation of a universal health system - either in whole or in part - to the legions of private insurers. I believe this to be a mistaken policy direction. This is a case where federalization, not privatization, is the course to pursue. The health insurance industry has "blown it" with redundant and exorbitant administrative costs.

As one who had need to use the Canadian health system - a system which has only one administrative entity or insurer per province - I found that system to be both prompt and efficient, and delivered with compassion to all. The Canadian model is well worth serious consideration, if not emulation, by federal policymakers in the United States. Wilfred E. Richard, Fairfield, Maine

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