Leaders of Somalia's main rival factions have agreed on a system of joint controls to end fighting around the airport and seaport in Mogadishu, the country's capital.

United Nations sources in Mogadishu reported yesterday that interim president Mohammed Ali Mahdi and his rival, United Somali Congress leader Gen. Mohammed Farah Aideed, had reached agreement with a UN team to protect air and sea communications.

A 20-member UN mission has been in Mogadishu for the past week to seek agreement on supervising a truce previously agreed upon by the rival warlords and ensuring safety for aid shipments. The International Committee of the Red Cross said last week it has been unable to land food and other aid because of the fighting.

Two human rights groups, Africa Watch and Physicians for Human Rights, reported last week that 14,000 Somalis had been killed and 27,000 wounded in Mogadishu alone since last November.

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