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The ethnic and oil-rich enclave of Tatarstan, in the heart of Russia, voted for self-rule this weekend in a referendum Moscow says may undermine Russian unity.... Negotiators in Vienna reached agreement Friday on military reconnaissance flights over member states of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which holds a summit of foreign ministers in Helsinki Tuesday. MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA

Arab foreign ministers convened in emergency session in Cairo yesterday to discuss the proposed UN sanctions against Libya. A North African diplomat told Reuters Friday that Libya has agreed in principle to hand over to the UN secretary-general two men accused of blowing up a Pan Am jumbo jet over Scotland, but Libya has not confirmed this.... South Africa's Olympics committee plans to send about 125 competitors to the Barcelona Summer Games.... South Africa's white government is reported to have demande d that the African National Congress disband its guerrilla force as a condition for holding the next formal talks on political reform.... The People's Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola and the Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola will begin disarming by March 31, the country's Joint Political and Military Commission said. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC

Pakistan has decided to extend control over and evict about 20,000 Islamic radicals who have been training and fighting with the mujahideen in bordering Afghanistan, the newspaper Nation reported in Islamabad yesterday. The paper said China, Egypt, the Philippines, and Indonesia had complained about terrorist activities of these elements.

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