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The United States has scaled down its naval forces in the Persian Gulf but still expects to play a role in regional security and in enforcing Iraqi compliance with UN sanctions.... Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy has lost his second-place rank in the Likud party. In voting for the top seven candidates to follow Premier Yitzhak Shamir on the Likud's list for the June 23 general elections, the relatively dovish Levy came in behind Defense Minister Moshe Arens and Housing Minister Ariel Sharon. Levy sai d the party is now in danger of splitting. UNITED STATES

US Sen. Brock Adams (D) of Washington said Sunday he will scrap his reelection campaign and never again run for public office, following claims by eight unnamed women that he sexually harassed or assaulted them. The Seattle Times, which published the charges, has been investigating the case for 3 1/2 years.... In Washington, the head of the Lebanese delegation to the Middle East peace talks with Israel, Sohail Shamas, said his country would "treat very seriously" Israel's security concerns if Israel comm itted itself to pulling out. EUROPE

Armed ethnic Serbs set up barricades at major road junctions in Sarajevo early yesterday as tension rose in Bosnia-Herzegovina's capital following a referendum Sunday that appeared to back independence from Yugoslavia. There were reports of shooting in many districts of the city and of several deaths.... Many Muscovites were surprised and angry yesterday on the way to work when they had to pay 50 kopecks rather than just 15 to ride Moscow's subway. The increase took effect on Sunday.... Russian President

Boris Yeltsin will leave for a two-week working vacation at the Black Sea resort of Sochi in southern Russia today. His press secretary said the president will be preparing for an upcoming parliamentary session.... Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox officials yesterday began two days of talks in Geneva. A previous round broke down last October over disputes about the role of the Uniate (Greek Catholic) Church in Ukraine, which owes allegiance to the pope and has been competing with Orthodox bishops for co ntrol of church property. AFRICA AND ASIA

Niger's capital ground to a halt yesterday as people joined an indefinite general strike in protest against mutinous troops angry about unpaid salaries. Troops have taken over the national radio and television three times since last Thursday.... China, scrambling to qualify for membership in the world trade body GATT and to ease trade friction with Washington, has vowed to abolish many import duties and cut the list of products subject to import licensing.... Honda Motor Company will open an office in Mo scow and plans to be the first Japanese automaker to sell cars and motorcycles within the former Soviet Union.

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