Tsongas's nuclear policy

The article on the New Hampshire primary, "Bush Gets Warning, Democrats Battle On," Feb. 20, underemphsizes the fact that Paul Tsongas, who has been out of political office for some time, had a remarkable victory.

Mr. Tsongas certainly showed the country that he is a candidate of national potential. This is most clearly shown by his informed and realistic view of nuclear energy. It would have been easy for him, as it was for the other Democratic contenders, to placate the vocal nuclear opposition. He did not. Ironically, former California Governor Jerry Brown, who had ridiculed Tsongas for his support of nuclear power, finished last.

The country needs to hear what Tsongas is saying about energy: the finite nature of oil, gas, and coal, and the possible catastrophic consequences of global warming mean that nuclear power cannot be abandoned.

Many environmentally concerned voters agree with him that nuclear power must be included in the energy mix of the United States, where it provides 22 percent of the electricity and is a weapon in the battle to clean up the air and cut our reliance on imported oil. Nuclear power provides an even larger share of electricity in countries such as France, Germany, South Korea, and Japan, with whom we are competing in the world marketplace. Gilbert J. Brown, Westford, Mass.

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