The Science Budget Battle

Economic solutions require fairness

In reading the Economy page column "At Election Time, Washington Skirts Fundamental Issues," Feb. 11, I assumed that the author was taking the usual, supposedly pragmatic, business approach to issues of strategy, not societal goals. But, at the end he states: "Taxes should be fair. But fairness is not, or should not, be the main issue. Growth is the goal."

The evidence of Reagan-Bush trickle-down economics has proven that espousing economic growth as a way to fairness is to be either naive or perniciously greedy. But to advocate growth as a goal more important than fairness, whether in regard to tax policy or overall economic policy, is the epitome of callous business nonethics.

Fairness is, or should be, the main issue in determining the policies of our country. No other goal is worthy of the principles for which this nation supposedly stands. Phillip Gibbs, South Dartmouth, Mass.

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