1991/92 Winter Semester Courses in the North American Studies Program at the University of Bonn:

1. Interdisciplinary year-long course (mandatory for freshmen):

Week 1 to 4:


Week 5 to 8: Geography

Week 14 to 16:


Week 11 to 13:

Political Science

Week 14 to 16: Sociology

2. Literature and Linguistics:

Slavery in American Literature

and History

US Literature, 1820-60

Short Stories from the Can-

adian Prairie

Hawthorne's Novels

Faulkner's Stories

Vietnam: War and Literature

Texts of the American South's

Politics, History, and


Introduction to Linguistics

Use of Spoken American/

Canadian English

Advanced Language Practice

Linguistic Approaches to the

Analysis of American Political


Variations of American English

Law and Business (Language)

in the US

3. Political Science:

US Politics and Society

The American Presidency

Government and Education

in the US

Public Opinion and Mass

Media in the US

The American Century

4. Religious Studies and Philosophy:

The Conflict between Individ-

ualism and the Longing for

Community in the USA

Recent Theories of Justice

5. Geography:

North America

6. Economics:

Basic Economics with US


7. Ethnic Studies:

Indians of the North American


8. Sociology:

Social and Political Conflict in

American Cities

9. Cultural Studies

The '60s

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