CD-ROM: Acronym for Compact Disc-Read Only Memory. A compact disc with a large storage capacity that can hold data in formats including video, text, full-color photos, and stereo sound. Hooks up to computers.

Compact disc: Best known in 5-inch audio format for high-fidelity digital recordings. Combinations of 1s and 0s encode sound that is read by laser without touching disc surface, eliminating wear.

Laserdisc (or videodisc): The loser in the early 1980s war of home-video formats (to Beta and VHS tape), laserdiscs (usually 12-inch versions of compact discs) are making a comeback because of higher resolution, better sound, and interactive versatility.

MPC (Multimedia Personal Computer): A computer system that meets standards of the Multimedia Computing Marketing Council. Can play CD-ROMs, integrate words, sounds, pictures, live and animated video.

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface): An industry standardization feature that allows a computer to "talk to" or control electronic instruments, and to record, compose, and mix sounds.

Joystick/mouse/remote: Various hand-held devices that move symbols on television monitors or computer screens and activate tasks.

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