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Despite Sunday's assassination of Sheikh Abbas Musawi, the leader of Hizbullah, by Israel, Syria and Lebanon have agreed to attend the third round of bilateral Middle East negotiations scheduled to be held in Washington on Feb. 24.... Hundreds of political prisoners are on hunger strike in Egypt to protest prison conditions and detention without trial, the United States human rights group Middle East Watch said after an unprecedented visit to a Cairo jail.... Citing the easing of tensions and renewed pos sibilities for tourism in the region, the 20,000-member American Society of Travel Agents said it will hold its annual conference in Cairo in September, the first time the group will have met in the Middle East. UNITED STATES

Former long shot Paul Tsongas, who struggled in obscurity for months as a presidential aspirant, has surged ahead as the Democrat to beat in New Hampshire's key primary election today.... The lawyer for serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer says that had he been a juror at the admitted serial killer's sanity trial, he might have joined in the verdict of guilty but sane that will effectively send his client to prison for life.... Four Asians burst into the home of a Vietnamese jeweler early yesterday, tied up the family, and fled with cash and jewels in the latest of more than 10 Asian-on-Asian crimes in Greater Boston. EUROPE

The US, Russia, and Germany called yesterday for the setting up of an international science center in Russia to prevent a brain drain of former Soviet nuclear arms scientists.... The Russian government announced yesterday it had signed up US investment bank Goldman Sachs to help attract foreign capital to inject life into the economy.... The far-right National Front topped the first ballot of a French local election in Nice on Sunday, a sign that regional elections next month could prove a debacle for Pr esident Francois Mitterrand's Socialist Party.... Germany has urged the European Community to withhold aid earmarked for Lebanon as long as two German hostages remain in the hands of pro-Iranian kidnappers there.... The Swedish conglomerate Nobel has admitted paying millions of dollars to Rajiv Gandhi and other Indian politicians in an arms deal in 1986, the paper Dagens Nyheter said.... Germany, the competitive edge of its industry eroded by high costs, fell behind the US as the world's largest exporter in


A group of South Koreans sued the Japanese government in a Tokyo yesterday, demanding an apology and compensation for Tokyo's World War II atrocities. Japan ruled South Korea as a colony from 1910-1945 and conscripted many Koreans into its Imperial Army.... Parliamentary deputies in Bangladesh have doubled their own salaries by unanimously approving a bill which also provides for lifelong pensions.

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