Candidates on Issues. Pat Buchanan

Snapshots of where the top five Democratic and top two Republican US presidential contenders say they stand


Birthplace: Washington, D.C.

Family: Married, no children.

Education: BA, Georgetown; MA, Columbia University.

Public Career: Adviser to Presidents Nixon and Ford; communications director for Reagan; syndicated columnist and TV political commentator. ECONOMY/TAXES

Calls for federal-spending freeze, a two-year moratorium on business regulations, and a tax credit to replace deductions for dependent children. Would reduce capital gains tax to14 percent for the wealthy and cut the tax for those whose incomes are $50,000 or less. HEALTH CARE

Favors eliminating bureaucratic rivalries in the health-care industry. Has yet to formulate a detailed proposal. ABORTION

Opposes abortion unless the life of the mother is threatened. DEFENSE

Would cut US-troop levels in Europe and maintain high level of preparedness in US. Would deploy Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). ENERGY

Supports oil drilling off coasts of Florida and California and would open part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)for drilling. ENVIRONMENT

Proposes two-year moratorium on new federal environmental regulations. CRIME

Supports death penalty. Opposes bans on assault weapons, waiting periods for handgun sales, and limits on habeas corpus petitions for death-row inmates. EDUCATION

Favors decentralizing public education. Supports federal, state, and local vouchers for use in all schools - public, private, parochial, secular, and religious.

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