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FINAL ANALYSIS - While working with a neurotic patient, a psychiatrist falls in love with her sister, who then kills her husband and turns to him for help. Much of this thriller is a remake of Hitchcock's "Vertigo," with an overlay of sexual violence aimed at the most dubious aspects of current moviegoing taste. Although it has a few effective twists, it's perilously short on intelligence and credibility. Directed by Phil Joanou in a pumped-up style that's more frantic than Freudian. (Rated R) THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT! - Jan Oxenberg's chronicle of her grandmother's last days, and the family's reaction to her death. The film is sometimes glib and sentimental, caring more for ready emotion than for deeper thought, and it has sad scenes of illness. But few filmmakers have so touchingly combined love of family with love of cinema, and few moviegoers will fail to see aspects of their own lives reflected with warmth and affection. (Not rated) VOYAGER - The unlikely hero is an engineer who's determined to live by the dictates of dry logic, until unforseeable events plunge him into unexpected encounters. Based on Max Frisch's ingenious novel "Homo Faber," the film is part soap opera and part "Oedipus Rex" transplanted to the modern world. It's evocatively directed by Volker Schondorff, and Sam Shepard's relentlessly earthy performance makes up in strength what it lacks in subtlety. (Rated PG-13)

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