Response to President Bush's Budget Proposals

The front-page article "Deficit's Climb Will Continue, Analysts Indicate," Jan. 29, which quotes economists Barry Bosworth, Murray Wiedenbaum, and Robert Luth, gives a refreshingly truthful analysis of President George Bush's proposals for reviving our staggering economy. That spending more and cutting taxes at the same time can only result in a shrinking economy seems almost painfully obvious. It will, as well, put added pressure on state budgets to reduce maintenance of programs essential for progress.

For a very long time our nation has needed to work on eliminating the causes for our economic and social decline, rather than attacking their effects, in order to regain a strong and thriving position in world developments for peace, health, and prosperity. In this election year, a truthful, workable, perceptive approach to that effort is crucial to our future. This article points the way. Hope M. Scrogin, Corvallis, Ore.

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